We specialise in providing on-site photobooth services for any affair, we are able to cater to any occasion from formal corporate events and ceremonies to casual and fun birthday parties! With the fastest printer in the industry and a vast array of props, we ensure that all our clients would end up satisfies with our services! Do contact us now for an estimate for any of your upcoming events!


Let us help you capture the moments of your events with our instant photobooth suitable for all kinds of events. With the variety of backdrop and customised photoborder, we are sure to cater to the needs of your event.

Backdrop Customisation

Interested in organising a corporate event and want to create brand identity through a photo booth at your event? Engage in our backdrop customisation services now! Not only is our backdrop made of high quality cloth material and HD printing, you can keep the backdrop for future uses as it is washable!

Greenscreen Photobooth

With the greenscreen photobooth, you can choose where you want to appear in on the photo. Be it at the beach or by the eiffel tower, we can bring you there.

360 Photobooth

In an era where experiences are valued as much as material possessions, the 360 photobooth stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of entertainment. Offering more than just a snapshot in time, these innovative installations provide participants with an immersive journey into their captured moments. From weddings to corporate events, the 360 photobooth has become a staple attraction, blending cutting-edge technology with the timeless allure of photography.

Photo Printing Services

Need to get your photos printed to decorate your room or create a photo book for your loved ones? Choose our photo printing services for high quality photos and get them delivered straight to your doorstep!

Roving Photobooth

In the realm of event entertainment, the traditional stationary photobooth has been revolutionized by the advent of roving photobooths. These mobile setups offer a dynamic approach to capturing memories, engaging guests, and adding a touch of excitement to any occasion. From weddings to corporate galas, roving photobooths have become a popular choice, providing flexibility, spontaneity, and a unique way to document special moments.